The Dangers of Tech Neck

Technology is an amazing thing, and we’re more connected than ever before. But this is not always a good thing, especially when the electronic screens we spend so much time on negatively affect our bodies. In fact, they can be a literal pain in the neck. Tech neck is an actual condition and can cause some serious, physical damage.

With six locations in Clifton, Paramus, Middletown, Point Pleasant, and Wayne, New Jersey, as well as Staten Island, New York, our team at One Oak Medical is made of specialists in neck pain. We want to help heal and correct your issues. 

We know your neck pain may be chronic and adversely affecting your life, so let’s determine the cause and create a plan for treatment together. 

Tech or text neck

Both terms apply to the way we crane our necks to look at our electronic devices. This includes phones, tablets or computer screens. 

When our spine and neck are in a neutral position and we’re employing good posture, our neck feels the normal pressure of our head, weighing about 10-12 pounds. Looking down at a greater angle puts much more weight and pressure on our neck.

Even at a slight 15 degree angle, our necks feel more than double the weight of our head. And the deeper the angle, the more pressure. Now imagine this happening for hours and hours, which is how much time we spend on our devices. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are all adversely affected, causing strain and pain

And this isn’t even including the dangers of tripping, falling, or running into something as our eyes and neck are facing down instead of in front of us. Or even worse, if we’re doing this while driving. Tech neck is just one of many dangerous consequences of spending too much time on our electronics. 

A stiff and painful neck also makes it difficult to drive, work, and do normal, everyday tasks or participate in weekend activities. Don’t let tech neck suck the fun out of your life -- here’s some ways to treat and prevent it.

Treating tech neck

The first step is to come in and see our experienced team at One Oak Medical or your own provider. We’re here to help alleviate your neck pain. 

Regardless of your treatment, you’ll need to change your bad habits, and we can advise you on this as well. We’ll show you how to keep your screen at eye level and maintain good posture while you’re sitting, as well as remembering to take frequent breaks. The correct stretches and exercises also work wonders.

It may be as simple as taking care of yourself at home with ice and heat. But if our team detects more serious issues related to tech neck, we’ll move on to a variety of treatments that may include topical or oral pain medication, or even injections to reduce the inflammation. 

Physical therapy, including exercising, massage, electric stimulation, and ergonomic and posture training are invaluable in preventing the situation from coming back. As we said before, your bad habits need to be changed. 

If your neck is seriously injured and you have bone spurs or herniated discs, surgery may be required, but we’ll try our best to use minimally invasive methods. Tech neck, at the very least, is very preventable. 

Call us or use our handy Request Appointment button to schedule an appointment, and let us help relieve your neck pain now. 

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